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msxDS is a MSX / MSX 2 / MSX2+ home computer standard emulator for the Nintendo DS / DS Lite / DSi console.

msxDS is based on fmsxDS v.0.07 from Nyagosu but since then, several bugfixes and improvements have been added. Moreover, emulation has become much faster.

Versions history:

Version 0.94 (2012-08-29) new
  • Fixed a stack overflow that made the emulator unstable.
  • Fixed a state save bug with megarom mapped in 16 KB.
  • Supports up to 1024 files (ROM, DSK and CAS) in each folder.
  • Compiled with devkitARM r41, libFAT 1.0.11 and libnds 1.5.6+.
  • The folder image is no longer displayed if it's already displayed.
  • The /Pics folder and file names beginning with a dot are no longer displayed in files list.

Version 0.93 (2012-01-01)
  • Fixed a small bug in the save state.
  • Improved speed of screen10 and screen12 modes.

Version 0.92 (2011-12-26)
  • Fixed FM-PAC mapper (SRAM included).
  • Fixed Game-Master 2 mapper (SRAM included).
  • Fix the Kanji ROM driver size.
  • Improved display of screen10 and screen12 modes.
  • Compiled with devkitARM r36 et libnds 1.5.4+.
  • Ability to display on the top screen the MSX software media image corresponding to the selected file. (Cartridge, floppy disk and tape)

Version 0.91 (2011-09-24)
  • New management of buttons that allows to configure X and Y. (Push Y to use the radio in Metal Gear)
  • Fixed the VDP status register 4.
  • Adding the options menu.
  • The using the paddle controller is possible with your softwares.
  • Added ASCII paddle controller emulation. (used in Break Out)
  • Fixed LDIR & LDDR instructions of the z80. (Goody, etc, work now)
  • Taking into account of CE bit of the status register 2 of VDP before a disk access. (Improved compatibility with floppy disks.) (Undeadline, Fray, etc, work fine now)

Version 0.90 (2011-06-12)
  • Display engine optimization. (Thanks to Pixador for the suggestion for sprites)
  • Improved MSX1 VDP registers emulation.
  • Some optimizations in sound and Z80 emulation.
  • Added R register emulation of Z80.
  • Update libnds (v1.5.0). Now MsxDS supports the DSI mode of CycloDS iEvo.
  • New ITCM memory management to put the most useful routines according to selected MSX mode.
  • Fixed colors values of screen 8 mode.
  • Fixed bug of color 0.
  • Added Key mapping to L,R for Angma Jidae - Devil zone (Uttum Soft). (ROM versions)
  • Fixed bug in error messages.
  • Updated Carts.crc file.
  • Fixed a SCC detection problem for games in ROM.

Version 0.89 (2011-03-13)
  • Fixed the colors table for sprites of Screen 8 mode.
  • Fixed bug in the Z80 of the 0.88 version. (Ikari Warrior)
  • Fixed values cycles of z80 instructions. (Retaliot, Seleniak and Sweet Acorn work fine now)
  • Fixed vblank interrupts register.
  • Added a frame limiter (the games that ran too fast, works with good speed now.)
  • Automatic disabling of disk controller for Nausicaa in order to avoid having to press Shift at boot. (ROM version only)

Version 0.88 (2010-12-25)
  • Z80 emulation code optimization.
  • Added Arkanoid paddle controller emulation.
  • Added Key mapping to L,R for following games (ROM versions only.): Borfes to 5-nin no Akuma (L/R= ESC), Caos Begins (L=F1, R=F2), Dragon Slayer 4 (L=ESC, R=RET), Higemaru Makaijima (L/R= F1), Hi no Tori (L=F2, R=F3), King kong 2 (L/R=F2), The Maze of Galious (L/R=F1), The Treasure of USAS (L=F1, R=F2), Xorz (A=SPACE, B=m) and Yaksa (L=F1, R=F2).

Version 0.87 (2010-12-11)
  • Updated Carts.crc file for several megarom from Spain (CAS converted to ROM), etc.
  • The LED of CAP and Kana keys are now truly emulated.
  • Added mouse emulation.
  • F2,F3 Key mapping to L,R trigger for Metal Gear. (ROM versions only.)
  • Using the Z80 emulation source code of fMSX v.3.51.
  • Z80 emulation code optimization.
  • Fixed bug of color 0 in the save state.
  • User's manual to PDF.

Version 0.86 (2010-09-18)
  • Added scrolling file names with the stylus.
  • Now we must do a double-tap on the save-state icon.
  • Modified the routine of collision of MSX1 sprites for Pitfall II.
  • Small improvement of the UI.
  • MSX2 mode by default (because it is faster than the MSX2+ mode).
  • Fixed some bugs in the patch the ROM disk. (Improved DSK images support.)
  • SCC+ emulation (for SD Snatcher, Konami Game collections, etc...).
  • Fixed of the screen12 color contour which was managed like the screen8.
  • Removal of some useless display conditions. (msxDS is still a bit faster!)

Version 0.85 (2010-08-22)
  • Added many crc32 of megarom from Korea.
  • Fixed 32KB ROM mirrors.
  • Rewrote sprites routines. (full emulation)
  • Super Pierrot mapper support.
  • Some small fix in the megaroms mappers routines.
  • Fixed status register 0 of VDP in MSX1 mode. (Zaxxon published by Electric Software works.)
  • Added Kanji BASIC support. (The a1wxkdr.rom file is now required.)
  • MSX2+ logo is displayed.
  • Use of TCM memory for several graphics routines. (msxDS is a bit faster!)
  • Double-tap on a file name to select it (and close the window).
  • Use of L and R triggers for 'Fire Ball' and 'Roller Ball' pinballs. (ROM versions only)

Version 0.84 (2010-06-25)
  • Fixed a small bug in the keyboard.
  • Added Kanji ROM support. You can also input Kanjis in BASIC by loading the kanji driver ROM (CRC32: B4FC574D/32KB) into SLOT 1 or 2.
  • Added emulation clock (RTC).
  • Improved ROM support. The Carts.crc file is required for some megaroms.

Version 0.83 (2010-05-26)
  • Fixed a bug in the management of background color for screen 0 mode.
  • Added tape emulation. Support CAS files with fMSX-DOS format.
  • Usually, to load a game tape, select a file CAS with the tape icon and turn on the MSX with SHIFT pressed until the sound "Beep" and then enter RUN"CAS: or BLOAD"CAS:",R or CLOAD in Basic.
  • Improved keyboard.
  • Improved folders management.

Version 0.82 (2010-05-10)
  • Compiled with devkitARM r30 and Libnds 1.4.3+.
  • Fixed a bug in the management of color 0 for screen 6 mode.
  • Added a filter to improve display quality of high resolution modes.
  • Implemented three sound modes (PSG at 40Khz, PSG+SCC at 22Khz, PSG+FM at 8Khz).
  • Fixed the path of instant save file (was saved by mistake to the root).
  • The selection of cartridges, MSX type and sound mode is blocked when the MSX is turned ON.
  • Improved change of display mode.

Version 0.81 (2010-03-21)
  • MsxDS no longer crashes after MSX reboots.
  • Scrolling of file name selected when it goes out of the frame.
  • Memorization of location of last opened folder.

Version 0.8 (2010-03-03)

Already 3 years that I had not coded it. This year I am pleased to finally offer an update with many changes which are not all visible to the user but necessary. This is main changes.
  • Compiled with devkitARM r27 and libnds 1.4.0.
  • Using of the libfifo optimised by Cooper.
  • New sound routine (It's more clean & faster).
  • Loader window is bigger and more convenient.

Version 0.7+ (2007-09-19)
  • Add MSX2+ scrolling.
  • Loader rewritten.
  • Improved sprites.
  • New icons.
  • Add screens modes.


fmsxDS by Nyagosu

PenkoDS by redbug

fmsx by Marat Fayzullin

C-BIOS Association

MSXdev (Competition)

Thanks to Copper, Marat Fayzullin, Pixador, Nyagosu, Mars2000 and ProgDS.
Programmer: Popolon
Site : ProgDS & Popolon
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